Vol. 17 No. 4.5 : Fall 2017


A Handy Handbook for Financial Historians

Economic concepts are explored in this book, but without the intimidating formulas and regressions that would normally send students accustomed to a predominantly narrative-driven discipline running for the hills.

Crafts of Memory

As a result of her exemplary efforts, McCaskill has given us not only our richest account of the Crafts’ remarkable lives but also made a significant contribution to African American print culture broadly construed.

Fractious Piety: Revivalism and Disunion in Eighteenth-Century New England

Winiarski is primarily interested in the impact of the introduction of popular religion on New England. It will come as no surprise to scholars of the Great Awakening that he highlights the role that the 1740 arrival of Grand Itinerant George Whitefield played in unsetting an already religiously fractious New England.

Strong Abjections

Miller’s book centers on the queerness of suffering, theorizing modes of abjection that destabilize and shift sexual and racial identifications.


To Our Readers

The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) is very proud of Common-place and the contributions it makes to scholarship and a broader public. We believe it is the premier on-line journal of early American history and culture and we are convinced that its editors, beginning with Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore, and continuing with Edward Grey, Cathy Kelly, Anna Mae Duane, and Walt Woodward, are chiefly responsible. We remain deeply indebted to Jane and Jill for their inspiring conception and leadership of the journal from its formation seventeen years ago. Truly Common-place has served as a common forum between the academy and the general public – illuminating, educating, and engaging a wide variety of people in many aspects of America’s past.

Over the next twelve months the American Antiquarian Society is undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of all our programs so as to create a strategic plan to provide a fresh, forward looking road map for how we will engage and serve all our constituents in the coming decade. To do so, we are including Common-place in our assessment of the current state of electronic publishing and the Society’s strengths and capabilities.

Here is the current plan: Anna Mae and Walt Woodward will remain as editors through Volume 18, Issue 2, to appear in the spring of 2018. That will be followed by two special issues in the summer and fall of 2018. As of October 2018, the strategic plan including Common-place will be completed and it is our expectation that a plan for the journal’s direction and control will be in place.

We encourage everyone to join us in this examination of Common-place. Please contact James David Moran, AAS vice president for programs and outreach, at jmoran@mwa.org with your thoughts about Common-place and the Society’s program evaluation and planning. To all of you who have created the Common-place community we extend our deepest appreciation and thanks, your help going forward will, we trust, make the AAS an even more productive contributor to the understanding of American history and culture.