In Search of Slavery’s English Roots

Among the library’s less heralded holdings are scores of volumes of community and parish records–including the revealing London list of burials mentioned above–major and minor manuscript collections (on paper or microfilm), and a substantial number of prints, paintings, maps, and other visual records, especially from the Renaissance but also before and after that era.

Incest in the Archives

Massachusetts, after all, had not executed anyone for rape in twenty-seven years . . . Yet now . . . the community took a daughter’s accusation against her father so seriously that it sent a man to the gallows. What circumstances, we wondered, led to this extraordinary outcome?

Exposed to Air after Fifty Years!

“The time had come to liberate the parchment after fifty years, a step fraught with uncertainties and concerns.”

Alive with the Sound of Music

Next to Stephen Foster, William Henry Fry was arguably the most important American composer working before the Civil War.

Research as Relationship

“[T]he historian doing this sort of research must learn how to build relationships and earn the trust of people–usually historical society volunteers–who might be skeptical of outsiders and inclined to protect their cherished local history from professional revisionists intent on rewriting it.”

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