Issue Title Column Author

Vol. 17 No. 1

Stamp Collection


Benjamin L. Carp

Vol. 16 No. 4

In Lafayette’s Footsteps


François Furstenberg

Vol. 16 No. 2.5

Do Clothes Make the Man?


Martha Tomhave Blauvelt

Vol. 16 No. 1

Still a Prologue? The Stamp Act Protests at 250

Ask the Author

Danielle Skeehan, Benjamin L. Carp, Molly Perry, William Huntting Howell, and Eliga Gould

Vol. 16 No. 1

Impressions of Tar and Feathers: The “New American Suit” in Mezzotint, 1774-84

Object Lessons

Amy Torbert

Vol. 15 No. 4

On the Inland Seas: Detroit and the Atlantic World

Ask the Author

Catherine Cangany

Vol. 08 No. 4

Smashing Idols


Benjamin H. Irvin

Vol. 08 No. 3

Sibling Rivalry in Early America


Erik J. Chaput

Vol. 08 No. 2

Race, Class, and Upheaval in Revolutionary Virgina


Thomas J. Humphrey

Vol. 08 No. 1

What is a Loyalist?


Edward Larkin