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Vol. 15 No. 4

On the Inland Seas: Detroit and the Atlantic World

Ask the Author

Catherine Cangany

Vol. 15 No. 4.5

Performing the Atlantic Commons


Peter P. Reed

Vol. 08 No. 4

The Big Picture

Common Reading

Caroline Winterer

Vol. 07 No. 4

The Haitian Revolution at the Crossroads

Common Reading

Madison Smartt Bell, and Laurent Dubois

Vol. 07 No. 4

A House in Vermont, a Caribbean Beach

Tales from the Vault

Martha Hodes

Vol. 07 No. 2

Another Revolution in Need of Revising


Christian J. Koot

Vol. 07 No. 1

How Sweden Went Global and Carolina Got its Hoes


Chris Evans

Vol. 05 No. 3

The Atlantic World Turned Upside Down


Michael LaCombe

Vol. 05 No. 2

Introduction: Toward a Pacific World

Pacific Routes

Edward G. Gray, and Alan Taylor

Vol. 05 No. 2

Go East, Young Man: How a drifter from Revolutionary Connecticut found the Pacific


Edward G. Gray