Issue Title Column Author

Vol. 08 No. 2

One Man’s Skull

Object Lessons

Ann Fabian

Vol. 08 No. 1

An American Flag in Japan

Object Lessons

Barbara Brooks

Vol. 07 No. 4

Unpacking Winthrop’s Boxes

Object Lessons

Matthew Underwood

Vol. 07 No. 2

The Capitalist Portrait

Object Lessons

Paul Staiti

Vol. 07 No. 1

The Sideboard Takes Center Stage

Object Lessons

Cindy R. Lobel

Vol. 06 No. 4

Of Spoons and Empires

Object Lessons

Brendan McConville

Vol. 06 No. 2

The Scenographia Americana (1768)

Object Lessons

John E. Crowley

Vol. 05 No. 1

Political Electricity: The occult mechanism of revolution

Object Lessons

James Delbourgo

Vol. 04 No. 4

Cross-Stitched History: Artistry and ambition in Christina Arcularius’s Tree of Knowledge sampler

Object Lessons

Margaret K. Hofer

Vol. 04 No. 3

Acquisition, Interrupted: Charles Willson Peale’s Stewart Children and the labor of conscience

Object Lessons

David Steinberg